Events that you can not miss

Wine Bus of Somontano

18/03/2018 al 24/11/2018 / Somontano Wine Route

On the third Saturday of every month, a bus will take you to Somontano to discover the secrets of the Somontano Wine Festival; winery visits, medieval villages, charming corners, gastronomy and of course – wine!

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3th Enoturism Fair in Medina del Campo

21/04/2018 al 22/04/2018 / Rueda Wine Route

Medina del Campo hosts the 3rd edition of the Enotourism Fair, where attendees can get to know the wine tourism offer of the Rueda Wine Route and enjoy different activities proposed by its members: guided tastings, workshops, show cooking ... besides tasting their white wines accompanied by local products.


Wine looks

17/03/2018, 08/04/2018, 21/04/2018, 06/05/2018, 19/05/2018, 02/06/2018, 16/06/2018, 01/07/2018, 23/09/2018, 06/10/2018, 13/10/2018, 21/10/2018 / Cigales Wine Route

"Wine looks" aims to highlight in a dynamic and playful way the rich variety of landscapes of the Pisuerga Valley with the wine region of the Cigales Designation of Origin. . All activities are directed for trekking except for the walk in at hiking except for the ride on the Castilla Waterway that will be done by bicycle due to the distance.


  • Saturdau 17 marcho: Fuensaldaña: From Church to  Balcony of Paco Duque Walk
  • Sunday 8 april: Canal de Castilla: From esclusa 37 to el Balcony of Pisuerga (cycling)
  • Saturday 21 april: Cigales: From Church to Teso Blanco.
  • Sunday 6 may: Corcos: From Church to Chozo El Cuquillo.
  • Saturday 19 may: Dueñas: Ruta de los Chozos from Recreational Area Navalcó.
  • Sunday 3 june: Cubillas Santa Marta: From Churchto Recreational Area las Fuentes
  • Saturday 16 june: Trigueros del Valle: From Ermita to Fuente Tovar.
  • Sunday 1 july: Valoria la Buena: From Church to windmillat the mouth Arroyo Madrazo in Pisuerga.
  • Saturday 23 september: San Martín de Valvení: From Castle to Cortados.
  • Saturday 6 october: Cabezón de Pisuerga: From Stone Bridge to Hill Altamira.
  • Saturday 13 october: Santovenia de Pisuerga: From Park El Remuel to Moral (singular tree).
  • Sunday 21 de october: Mucientes:“La Rebusca”. From Church to vineyard.


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Wine History Festival of Navaridas

20/04/2018 al 22/04/2018 / Rioja Alavesa Wine Route

Wine and food festival that has the aim of promoting the history and culture of wine in the world and its relevance in Rioja Alavesa. United States will be the invited country of this edition. There will be wine tastings, wine and food pairings, tastings of local products, cultural visits to the town, etc.

It's celebrated on April 20 in Logroño, on the 21st in Vitoria - Gasteiz and on the 21st in Navaridas.


05/04/2018 al 08/04/2018 / Marco de Jerez Wine and Brandy Route

El Puerto de Santa María has around six hundred patios registered by the Cultural Association Friends of the Patios Portuenses: grand, in convents, wineries, religious, seigniorial or popular...

For four days it is possible to enjoy a unique and outstanding part of the heritage of the city:  its courtyards; spaces bathed with the colour of its flowers, the smell of the local wine and the kindness of its neighbours. These courtyards are places of encounter and coexistence and we are invited to know part of the identity of the city of El Puerto de Santa María, showing us the beauty of its corners and transmitting the love of its neighbours for its patios.

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Vegetables and Flowers Market in Elciego

07/04/2018 / Rioja Alavesa Wine Route

A fruit, vegetable and flowers market that is celebrated at the main square of Elciego. During the day there will be different activities, such as tastings of local products, life music, special pintxos at the local bars, etc.


Tasting a territory among the granite crafts

08/04/2018 / Los Santos, Sierra de Francia Wine Route

There will be a dramatized route through the municipality of Los Santos, where the characters will be the vineyards, the Granito Theme Park and the tradition of "Los Quintos", through which we will know the basis of the local economy with the best possible pairing: the Rufete Grape, which will have its greatest apogee in the activity called "Tasting a territory", where it will be the main actor, along with gastronomy and microtheatre. It will end with a cultural exchange forum where the intangible heritage of Los Santos will create a different story in relation to wine and its culture.


12th Verdejo Fair in La Seca

21/04/2018 al 22/04/2018 / Rueda Wine Route

La Seca, located in the epicenter of the DO Rueda, pays tribute to the culture of  wine with a complete program of activities: Study conference, the 'Wine Fair' in La Plaza, exhibitions, National Painting Contest about wine culture, Sarmiento Folk Rock National Contest, Popular Race, Catas directed, ... Do not miss it!


35th Montilla-Moriles Wine Tasting

18/04/2018 al 22/04/2018 / Montilla Moriles Wine Route

Montilla-Moriles Wine Tasting celebrates the 35th edition in 2018. It’s considered the main annual promotion event of DOP Montilla-Moriles. More than 27 wineries and 300 references of wines and vinegars, and an offer of catering companies with the best of our gastronomy.



25/04/2018 al 30/04/2018 / Marco de Jerez Wine and Brandy Route

The approach of better weather brings with it a period of fun and parties, the Spring Fair and Fiestas del Vino Fino, part of the cycle of great Andalusian fairs. It is a celebration clearly to welcome the new fruits that germinate this season, and that gives its name and maintains close ties with the wine that is raised in these lands: Sherry-Xérès-Sherry, and with bullfighting.

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The day will begin with the inauguration of the Serrano Market of the San Marcos Fair and with a dramatized visit to Cepeda culminating with a wine tasting of the DOP Sierra de Salamanca. The activity of "Tasting a territory" will focus on both the Rufete grape and the meaning of the San Marcos, with tastings of products, microtheatre and a cultural exchange forum where the characters will be the intangible heritage around this fair, exchanging traditions and creating links between past and future.


The well-being of walking among cherry trees tasting a territory

14/04/2018 / Santibáñez de la Sierra, Sierra de Francia Wine Route

The hiking route will be between cherry trees in flowering and terraced vineyards, where we will receive vineyard grafting classes from local experts. The activity will culminate with a dramatized visit to Santibáñez de la Sierra, natural crossroads. Through the activity of "Tasting a territory", we will name the wines which are born in the terraces and we will appreciate the pairing of the Rufete grape with the best local products and the most authentic microtheatre, essential elements to conclude the activity through an cultural exchange forum