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V Enogastronomic Spring

25/03/2017 al 25/06/2017 / In the Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route

The Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route is an experience for discovering, tasting and enjoying the vine-growing culture of Extremadura.
The well-known Extremadura route organizes the "Enogastronomic Spring" event each year. It fills the vine-growing areas of Extremadura with activities and opportunities to enjoy the wines, the gastronomy and all the attractions of the region. Enogastronomic Spring enables all types of people to become familiar with the fascinating world of wine. An endless number of activities and experiences to enjoy enotourism (wine tourism) with the five senses, all under the driving force of the excellent Extremadura wines, nature and the landscapes surrounding the towns and villages which make up the route and the wine culture.
Enogastronomic Spring enables the visitor not only to learn about the process of making wine, visiting cellars and enjoying the large number of activities related to this product, but also to discover the important historical and cultural heritage offered by those Badajoz municipalities which make up the Ribera del Guadiana Wine Route. Wine, gastronomy, culture, nature and leisure all join hands to enable you to discover the region in a different and exciting way.
Scenic beauty, heritage, traditions, but also the smells and tastes of the best Extremadura products from the pastureland, combined with the best wines the route has to offer.
An activity which entails much more than just wine and which in fact has been named the Best Enotouristic Initiative in the Enotourism Prizes Wine Routes of Spain (2013)
Experience enotourism in Extremadura firsthand!
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Wine and Tapa´s Fair in Bierzo – Cacabelos

16/06/2017 al 18/06/2017 / In Cacabelos

From 16th to 18th June of 2017, the wine and tapa´s fair is celebrated in Cacabelos in the Bierzo Region, this year is the XXII edition. The best wineries of the Bierzo Designation of Origin will take part. The wineries will be located around the main of square of Cacabelos, where you can also taste a wide range of tapas.


XVI Annual Gastronomic roast lamb

01/06/2017 al 30/06/2017 / In Aranda de Duero

During the month of June, different restaurants from Aranda de Duero hold a complete menu, with roast lamb and traditional products of the land. Authentic dishes with Ribera del Duero wine, Medina’s lettuce and traditional Aranda’s bread.