Events that you can not miss

The Grape Harvest Festival of Jerez

01/09/2017 al 17/09/2017 / Wine and Brandy Route of the Marco de Jerez

Declared of International Tourist Interest, the Harvest Festival encompass numerous activities and events directly related to the Jerez Wine. It has become the best time of the year to discover the culture of Jerez, the most characteristic elements which define its identity and the attractions which make it such a unique place. More info /


62th Edition Harvest Festival of Montilla

01/09/2017 al 04/09/2017 / Montilla-Moriles Wine Route

Grape Treading is the main activity where the first grape-juice is offered in honor of the “Virgen de las Viñas”, which is processed to the Merced Square, where the act is. Each year a person or entity is designated to be the Honor Foreman of the Festival, who receive the keys of Inca's House winery and is in charge of reading the Gravel.