Events that you can not miss

IV CicloLúdicoFestiva

16/12/2017 / Rueda Wine Route

An event for all bicycle lovers. At Don Ismael Square from 12.00 to 19.00 hrs.

Charles V in the Rueda Wine Route

01/12/2017 al 31/12/2017 / Rueda Wine Route. Until April 2018.

Several municipalities associated with the entity will commemorate, through a rich program of activities, the 500 years of the first trip of the emperor to the Kingdom of Castile.Secrets to travel in time ‘, a campaign aimed at putting a key point of its past in value. It is the first trip of the emperor Charles V to the lands that today are associated with the Route, through nuclei such as Tordesillas, Medina del Campo, Mojados and Valdestillas. All of them have prepared numerous alternatives to promote this milestone, to favor local development and to be an axis of learning. Many of these proposals can already be enjoyed through theatrical shows, concerts, shows, period music and many other options, which will remain active until April 2018.

Zambombas and Christmas in Jerez

01/12/2017 al 31/12/2017 / Wine and Brandy Route of the Marco de Jerez

From 1st of December to 6th of January, Jerez is transformed for Christmas, and opens up a range of activities that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. The switching on of the Christmas lights serves as a starting point for a programme which includes zambombas, the Christmas Market or the Carol Choir Competition, among others.

Day of the Zambomba de Jerez

16/12/2017 / Wine and Brandy Route of the Marco de Jerez

The origins of this particular Christmas party are located in the neighbourhoods where parties were organised in the courtyards of the houses of neighbours. The zambomba Jerezana is a sign of identity as it has flamenco as a differentiating element.

Exhibition ‘’Memento Regis Charles I’’

01/12/2017 al 31/12/2017 / Rueda Wine Route

In December, Santa Clara Royal Monastery includes in its visit works of art linked with the Emperor and his familiy. Admission: Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00 - 13.00 and 16.00 - 17.30 hrs. Sundays: 10.30 - 14.00 hrs.

Charity Market ‘’Solidarity Books’’

01/12/2017 al 31/12/2017 / Rueda Wine Route. Until 16th of March 2018.

This month, take a book with you in exchange for a kilo of non-perishable food for the Red Cross.It will be held at the library.