Events that you can not miss


01/07/2017 al 31/07/2017 / Enoturisme Penedès. Activities during all July month.

The festival where music, wine and gastronomy combine to create unique experiences on summer nights. You can enjoy the magic of live music, taste some of the best wines and cavas, accompanied by a gastronomic menu for each occasion.


Borja Jazz Festival

28/07/2017 al 30/07/2017 / The Grenache Route

You will be able to enjoy different styles and spaces, as well as something as linked to our land as wine and Jazz. Top-level performances, cinema with live music, jam sessions and dixies in different spaces recovering the union with the wine and its wineries.


Summer Festival Veruela

01/07/2017 al 02/07/2017, 08/07/2017 al 09/07/2017, 15/07/2017 al 16/07/2017, 22/07/2017 al 23/07/2017, 29/07/2017 al 30/07/2017 / The Grenache Route. The weekends of July.

The Monastery of Veruela, located in the municipality of Vera de Moncayo, hosts every summer (July and August) this festival, whit a rich program in music and performing arts, and has already included in previous editions groups such as Café Quijano , Carlos Núñez, b vocal, etc.


Sons del Món – Wine & Music Festival

24/07/2017 al 05/08/2017 / D.O. Empordà Wine Route

The Festival offers an excellent musical program and a suggesting mixture of leisure, gastronomy and enology. From consolidated international classics such as Tom Jones to Spanish top groups and singers like Rosana, Estrella Morente, Bustamante or Loquillo.


Noches de Bohemia

08/07/2017, 15/07/2017, 22/07/2017, 29/07/2017, 05/08/2017 / Wine and Brandy Route of the Marco de Jerez

Jerez offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities through the Noches de Bohemia cycle. It is a program that brings together shows of different genres for all kind of audiences: concerts, flamenco, tango, magic, theatre… /


Flamenco Fridays

07/07/2017, 14/07/2017, 21/07/2017, 28/07/2017, 04/08/2017, 11/08/2017, 18/08/2017, 25/08/2017 / Wine and Brandy Route of the Marco de Jerez

Jerez proposes a wide musical offer through the Flamenco Fridays cycle.A cycle of concerts by renowned flamenco artists, making Jerez the musical center of the genre in the province of Cadiz. /


Classic Olmedo

14/07/2017 al 23/07/2017 / Rueda Wine Route

Classic Theater Festival in Villa del Caballero.

A new appointment with the performing arts. The Festival was born in 2006 with a clear idea: to promote both culture and classical theater. The festival annually shows theatrical performances based on texts of the Spanish or European Golden Age.


FASSE RUEDA Music Festival

20/07/2017 al 23/07/2017 / Rueda Wine Route

The Festival FASSE RUEDA 2017 will return to Medina del Campo, in Valladolid, counting in its poster with Quique González, La Pegatina, Second, Ángel Stanich, Celtas Cortos, The New Raemon & McEnroe, among others.