History and Culture

Have you ever seen a flamingo flying among vineyards and olive trees? The bending of a barrel by fire? Do you know what a flor velum is? Would you like to experience a “Roman Saturday” or “Maundy Thursday”? Have you admired a coloured mosaic beside a mediaeval castle? Which do you prefer, traditional dishes or signature cuisine?

The Montilla-Moriles Wine Route will give you the answer to some of these questions and has many other surprises in store. On the basis of its excellent wine, which is the only 100% natural Fino in Spain, 8 municipalities of the Campiña Sur in Cordoba including the capital, invite you to come along and get to know them.

A land with a noble heritage and history that has kept its traditions but is not afraid to innovate, and is famed for the warmth and friendliness of its people.


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Wine and Tradition

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The Wine

A wine produced from the Pedro Ximénez variety.

If you visit one of the wineries on this route, whether you are an expert, an enthusiastic newcomer, or just curious you can ask for a customised tasting. If it’s your first tasting, you’ll be given the 5 main wines of the designation of origin, starting with young wine, then Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso and ending up with Pedro Ximénez. And they’ll explain that they all come from the same variety, the great Pedro Ximénez.

The first thing you notice will be the spectacular range of colours and shades set out in front of you. The second, the different aromas, from the freshness of fruit to the most noble wood, then there’s the spectacular sensation when it reaches the palate and finally…its long aftertaste!