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01/01/2019 al 31/12/2019 / Rioja Alta Wine Route

Turistic activity. All year. On sale in Tourism Offices of La Rioja

The Pórtico turistic and cultural passport was born with the idea of facilitating the visits to the most emblematical monasteries of our community and for the tourists can discover all the religious and cultural heritage we have in La Rioja.

It´s called “Pórtico passport” because it will be stamped and when it gets complete the user will obtain a fidelization experience to be choosen between several options.



08/06/2019 al 20/07/2019 / Jumilla Wine Route

A series of evenings combining music with wine tourism during June and July, when bodegas affiliated to the Jumilla Wine Route hold concert dinners.

  • Centro de Interpretación del Vino (El Arsenal), Opening: June 8
  • Bodegas BSI: June 15
  • Bodegas Luzón: June 15
  • Bodega Madrid Romero: June 22
  • Museo Hacienda del Carche - Casa de la Ermita: June 22
  • Bodegas Viña Elena - La Macarena: July 6
  • Bodegas Ribera del Juá: July 13
  • Bodegas Viña Campanero: July 22


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05/07/2019 al 24/08/2019 / Jerez de la Frontera, Marco de Jerez Wine and Brandy Route

'The Caló Flamenco a la Fiesta de la Bulería de Jerez' is an obligatory visit for the Flamenco lovers, a Flamenco appointment in the one that sings and the flamenco dancing they mark his signs of identity. It takes place in summer season. The origin of this fiesta is to honour the bulería, the most typical Flamenco stick of Jerez. It was created and organized by Juan de la Plata in 1967.

Consolidated as one of the big appointments of the Flamenco national and international panorama, the Fiestas of the Bulería continues every year promoting the Flamenco as one of the signs of typical identity of Jerez, making it attractive and accessible for the lovers and understood on the Flamenco, but without forgetting the public in general.

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AFTERNOONS WITH CAVA AND WINE Afternoons with Cava and Wine

05/07/2019 al 06/07/2019, 12/07/2019 al 13/07/2019, 19/07/2019 al 20/07/2019, 26/07/2019 al 27/07/2019, 02/08/2019 al 03/08/2019, 09/08/2019 al 10/08/2019, 16/08/2019 al 17/08/2019, 23/08/2019 al 24/08/2019, 30/08/2019 al 31/08/2019 / Utiel - Requena Wine Route

During the month of  july and August, we invite you to spend an afternoon outside with our wineries.

Take a break from this hot weather and breathe in the fresh air of our vineyards while learning how our wines are made.

Fridays and Saturdays in july and  August from 7-10PM in the wineries of the Wine Route.


04/07/2019 al 13/07/2019 / Córdoba, Montilla - Moriles Wine Route

In the month of July, Cordoba becomes the city of the guitar. The guitar Festival of Cordoba (Spain) is a cultural event with a monographic character and various musical and artistic manifestations around this instrument and has consolidated its outstanding position in the creative and leisure offer proposed by the great Festivals around the world.

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05/07/2019 al 06/07/2019 / Montilla, Montilla - Moriles Wine Route

Preamble to the Fair of El Santo. Musical performances that will entertain the night of Friday 5 and Saturday 6 of July.

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