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01/01/2019 al 31/12/2019 / Rioja Alta Wine Route

Turistic activity. All year. On sale in Tourism Offices of La Rioja

The Pórtico turistic and cultural passport was born with the idea of facilitating the visits to the most emblematical monasteries of our community and for the tourists can discover all the religious and cultural heritage we have in La Rioja.

It´s called “Pórtico passport” because it will be stamped and when it gets complete the user will obtain a fidelization experience to be choosen between several options.



08/06/2019 al 20/07/2019 / Jumilla Wine Route

A series of evenings combining music with wine tourism during June and July, when bodegas affiliated to the Jumilla Wine Route hold concert dinners.

  • Centro de Interpretación del Vino (El Arsenal), Opening: June 8
  • Bodegas BSI: June 15
  • Bodegas Luzón: June 15
  • Bodega Madrid Romero: June 22
  • Museo Hacienda del Carche - Casa de la Ermita: June 22
  • Bodegas Viña Elena - La Macarena: July 6
  • Bodegas Ribera del Juá: July 13
  • Bodegas Viña Campanero: July 22


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05/07/2019 al 24/08/2019 / Jerez de la Frontera, Marco de Jerez Wine and Brandy Route

'The Caló Flamenco a la Fiesta de la Bulería de Jerez' is an obligatory visit for the Flamenco lovers, a Flamenco appointment in the one that sings and the flamenco dancing they mark his signs of identity. It takes place in summer season. The origin of this fiesta is to honour the bulería, the most typical Flamenco stick of Jerez. It was created and organized by Juan de la Plata in 1967.

Consolidated as one of the big appointments of the Flamenco national and international panorama, the Fiestas of the Bulería continues every year promoting the Flamenco as one of the signs of typical identity of Jerez, making it attractive and accessible for the lovers and understood on the Flamenco, but without forgetting the public in general.

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09/07/2019 al 14/07/2019 / Montilla, Montilla - Moriles Wine Route

It starts with a proclamation that indicates the start of the fair in honour to St. Francisco Solano (Saint Patron of Montilla). Later, there is a parade goes by the main streets of Montilla to the fairground where the opening take place with the switching on of the lights. After the inauguration, inhabitants can enjoy the best atmosphere, music and wine.

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06/07/2019 al 07/07/2019, 13/07/2019 al 14/07/2019, 20/07/2019 al 21/07/2019, 27/07/2019 al 28/07/2019, 03/08/2019 al 04/08/2019, 10/08/2019 al 11/08/2019, 17/08/2019 al 18/08/2019, 24/08/2019 al 25/08/2019, 31/08/2019 / Aranda de Duero, Ribera del Duero Wine Route

Saturdays of July and August: 12:00, 13:15, 19:00 and 20:15h.

Sundays of July and August: 12:00 and 13:15 h.

Different actors dramatize a performance through downtown of the city and the underground wine cellar Las Caballerizas.

Free ticket.

Registration: Turism office en Aranda de Duero. T. (+34) 947 510 476



07/07/2019, 14/07/2019, 21/07/2019, 28/07/2019 / Salinillas de Buradón, Rioja Alavesa Wine Route

Dramatized visits at the medieval walled town of Salinillas de Buradón, in which you will know the story of the village in a nice, funny way, suitable for all audiences.



06/07/2019 al 07/07/2019, 13/07/2019 al 14/07/2019 / Rioja Alavesa Wine Route

The Music Festival among Vineyards features prominently in the wide range of cultural events of the summer of Álava.

Driven by the Cuadrilla de Laguardia-Rioja Alavesa, it includes daily concerts in the panorama of jazz, blues or rock, dance activities in emblematic places of the region such as churches, hermitages, recreational spaces or medieval villages. Weekends with summer concerts to enjoy with friends and a landscape surrounded by vineyards.


  • 6 july. Barriobusto. 20:00 h. Frontón: Laguardia musical group.
  • 7 july. Labraza. 20:00 h. Iglesia de San Miguel: OPERA-WINE
  • 13 july. Laguardia. 20:30 h. Iglesia de Santa María de los Reyes: BARROQUE-WINE
  • 13 july. Elciego. 20:30 h. Plaza Mayor. FOLK-WINE
  • 13 july. Elvillar. 20:00 h. Parque de la ikastola: The colors of wine.
  • 14 july. Páganos. 12:00 h. Iglesia de la Asunción: Musical Association Marrate Labastida
  • 14 july. Yécora/Iecora. 12:30 h. Iglesia de Yékora/Iekora: Coral San Prudencio of Oyón-Oion
  • 14 july. Baños de Ebro/Muñeta. 21:00 h. Parque de la ikastola: CHILL OUT-WINE



14/07/2019 / Elciego, Rioja Alavesa Wine Route

The Rioja Alavesa Wine Route has programmed the following initiatives to publicize the different hiking trails in the region. This is a 8,8 km hiking route, medium intensity, among the vineyards of Elciego.

Each hiking has a cost of 3€ per person, which will be paid directly to the technical office of Rioja Alavesa Wine Route or on the same day of the activity, before starting.

Registration is mandatory and can be done here.