Rioja Alavesa

Rioja Alavesa

History and Culture

Set in the south of the province de Álava, Rioja Alavesa is made up of 15 municipalities that still conserve the charm of the original mediaeval towns. With 12,000 inhabitants, this territory has 13,500 hectares of vineyards and almost 400 wineries that each year produce 100 million bottles of wine under the control of the Regulatory Council of the Rioja Qualified D.O.

Rioja Alavesa lets you experience the contrasts between underground wineries, family wine cellars and age-old wineries in contrast with the most avant-garde architectural projects of the day. An incredible experience that lets you share the warmth of the people of Rioja Alavesa and learn about the traditions that have been cultivated in this land down the centuries.


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The Wine

Rioja Alavesa has13,500 hectares of vineyards.

The wines of this area are made under the aegis of the Regulatory Council of the Rioja Qualified D.O., and enjoy a well-earned prestige. The quality of these wines is largely due to the clay-calcareous soil, the climate and the location of the vineyards behind the Cantabria mountains, but also to the care of its people in combining the historic legacy of the production process with new technologies. Most of the wine is made from the Tempranillo grape variety which produces a bright coloured red, fine aroma, fruity flavour and pleasant palate.