Spanish Institutions, Associations and Organizations

ACEVIN - Spanish Association of Wine Cities

TURESPAÑA (professional)


IET - Instituto de Estudios Turísticos

Wine Museums Association of Spain

PNIT - Comprehensive National Tourism Plan 2012-2015

SEGITTUR - State Society for Innovation Management and Tourism Technologies

Wines from Spain

Exceltur – Alliance for Tourism Excellence

ICTE - Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality

ICEX - Institute of Foreign Trade - Wines

FIVIN - Research Foundation Wine and Nutrition

FEV- Spanish Wine Federation

FEAE - Spanish Federation of Winemakers

UEC - Spanish Tasters Union

OEMV - Observatory Spanish Wine Market

FENAVIN - National Wine Fair


International Institutions, Associations and Organizations

OIV - International Organisation of Vineyard and Wine

OIV - Database

European Committee of the Regions

RECEVIN - European Network of Wine Cities

Assembly of European Wine Regions

World Tourism Organization

European Destinations of Excellence

European Commission Tourism

European Commission Agriculture and Rural Development

Italia - Associazione Nazionale delle Città del Vino

Portugal - Associação de Municípios Portugueses do Vinho

EE.UU - Napa Valley, California

Francia - Beaune, Región de Borgoña

UIOE - International Union of Winemakers

World Association of Journalists and Writers of Wine and Spirits