Grenache - Campo de Borja

Grenache - Campo de Borja

History and Culture

One hill which determines the climate of the land. With two products par excellence: wine and oil. Three cultures: Arab, Christian and Jewish. Four grapes: Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah and of course, Grenache. Five senses, your five senses, which you’ll need to discover the Grenache Route.


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Landscapes and Activities

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The Wine

The Grenache empire goes back in time for almost eight centuries.

The oldest vineyards of the D.O. date from 1145, and of its 5,000 hectares of Grenache over 2,000 have been planted for between 30 and 50 years. Production is low but highly valued by wine experts for the structural and aromatic complexity that it confers on its wines. In the low-lying zone are Grenaches grown using the goblet method and on trellises. The resulting wines are warm, powerful and very aromatic. The middle zone is characterised by a higher concentration and density of vineyards. These are set on the terraces of the River Huecha, and produce highly complex, intense, structured and fleshy wines. The high zone of the D.O. lies on the foothills of Moncayo, with its fine, subtle and elegant wines.