La Mancha

La Mancha

History and Culture

"Sea of ​​vines, Land of ingenious nobles faced with giants, wreckers, hospitality and good lying"

The Wine Route of La Mancha, is located in the middle of the plain of La Mancha, in the area of ​​greatest wine production in Europe. Its route covers six villages in the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, and Toledo, united by its unique landscape, a long wine tradition and a treasured culture for centuries: Alcazar de San Juan, Campo de Criptana, El Toboso, Socuéllamos, Tomelloso and Villarrobledo

Unique landscape marked by a horizontality without limits, where the light prints colors unexpected colors. A nature defined by huge expanses of vine and cereal and large areas of Mediterranean mountains rich in small game. Here, places of great beauty are hidden, along with the innumerable remains that history has left in our territory.

Pioneer wineries, large and family-type wineries with tradition and equipped with modern infrastructure. Newly created wineries, designed to produce high quality wines under a remarkable architectural framework. Wineries located in natural places of interest, presiding over large vineyards along the plain... Each of them prepared to receive and welcome the visitor who loves and enjoys wine.



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"The wine was praised so much that it put it through the clouds, although he did not dare to leave it much in them because it did not get watery."

If on the palate of Sancho, Cervantes has already demonstrated his fondness, no doubt, those same praises will infect the visitor, through the wines of La Mancha, tasting the same feats of our Hidalgo Caballero.

A sea of ​​vines with more than 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, a Mediterranean climate with the thermal rigors of the interior and a deep viticultural tradition with roots in Ancient Rome that will allow you to enjoy the same wines that inspired the most emblematic feathers of the Century of gold.

The vineyards of La Mancha are settled on an extensive plain that has unique characteristics, such as the altitude of these lands, between 600 to 900 meters, which allows the maturation of their grapes to be uniform, and a climate in which their numerous hours of sunshine per year, a rainfall is joined is about 300-400 mm.

It is this dry climate and these temperatures, together with its limestone soil, which makes its vineyards produce grapes with unique characteristics that are reflected in the quality and taste of the wines of this region.

Author wines, high expression wines, wines of great tradition ... Wines with their own personality.