El Bierzo

El Bierzo

Land of intense emotions

Landscapes that breathe deep mysteries; monasteries and castles within the immense beauty of centuries-old forests. A place where silence survives between the distant echo of the first steps and the footprints of today's walkers, those who have decided to discard routine for unexpected emotions.


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The Wine

An ideal land for vine.

El Bierzo is linked to the culture of wine since Roman times. It was when a generational chain was born that has been transmitting the art of growing grapes and obtaining wine up to the present day. It is this traditional knowledge that makes the wines of Bierzo to be among the most valued in national and international markets.

El Bierzo is a large tectonic basin watered by many rivers and surrounded by mountains that protect and delimit it geographically. It has geographical, morphological and climatological characteristics that, together, make it a unique area, with great contrasts between the mountains and the valley. The vineyards are located on terraces close to rivers and terrains with an average altitude between 450 and 1,000 meters. The microclimate, without major fluctuations during the year, halfway between the continental and the Atlantic climate, favors notably the cultivation of the vine.

Bierzo is located on the Camino de Santiago. The Wine Regulating Council of Bierzo is committed to maintain quality standards and promoting its wines in the markets.


Mencía and Godello, native varieties

In Bierzo, different types of high quality grapes are produced, adapted to the characteristics of the soils. The recognized varieties are Mencía, Godello, Garnacha Tintorera, Doña Blanca and Malvasía. Mencía produces red wines and Godello white wines. These are the main varieties.