Lleida - Costers del Segre

Lleida - Costers del Segre

History and Culture

Just imagine being awaken by the sunlight pouring into your bedroom window, going out to run through a paradisiacal forest while having your breakfast prepared with some local delicacies. Upon finishing, your kayak is ready for you to cross the reservoir and visit the only winery in Spain you can reach by boat.

Keep on imagining a hot air balloon ride to take in the blanket of pink and white flowers formed by Lleida's fruit trees in the spring and then landing in the vineyard of a winery where the vines and several works of art all blend together.

That's what the Lleida Wine Route is all about: Unique experiences that will help you discover all the best of our land. An absolute delight for your senses.

We could tell you that the Designation of Origin Costers del Segre is comprised of 43 wineries, 7 landscapes and colourful mosaics, all absolutely different from each other, with stocks planted at all elevations from 200 metres to more than 1000 metres in altitude among the Pyrenees to create absolutely special wines because of the strong thermal contrast.

We could tell you that more than 103 companies are a part of this project including restaurants, hotels and tourism recreation businesses and that they're all committed to surprising the more than 35,000 people who stay in our land each year so they will always have something to tell and remember.

We could tell you that learning first-hand about Lleida's wine culture is the best way to discover our land.  That it's a walk through our gastronomy which encompasses traditional values and new trends. Respect for our culture, tradition, healthy lifestyle, authenticity, sustainability and experience.

We could tell you this and much more. But, more than anything else, we'd like you to experience it all for yourself. Get ready to enjoy a few days with your mouth wide open: sampling some truly different wines, screaming as you head down the cliffs and trails of our mountains on bike, trying our fabulous cuisine, looking across at our imposing Seu Vella, flying over our vineyards in a small plane, listening to the concert offered by a winery, having breakfast among the vines or observing nature's generosity with our land. Come to the Lleida Wine Route. You'll do things you've never done before. You'll experience in Lleida what you've never experienced before.

Because life can still leave you with your mouth wide open.


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The Wine

You can’t imagine Lleida without wine.

The wineries that form part of this route make their wines under the Costers del Segre Designation of Origin (D.O.).

Costers del Segre
is an unusual Designation of Origin because it is divided into 7 sub-areas that include the vast majority of the vineyards of the province of Lleida. The number of bottling wineries is small (30), but its area is large. This is large but sparsely populated area that runs from south to north: from the last of the Montsant mountains, with vineyards at a height of 750 metres, to the Pyrenees, with vineyards at over 1,000 metres, and running from the hills of Cervera to the west of the province. Calcareous flat lands, hills and mountains shaped by a climate between Mediterranean and Continental, with sharp contrasts of temperature between day and night, very cold winters and hot summers.

Costers del Segre is multicultural and multi-conceptual, mostly due to the size and sparse population of its territory and the diversity of its landscapes and microclimates. Its great reserves of adaptation are due to the multiple varieties planted over the past 40 years, giving it greater potential for enriching its bottled wines.

The innovative philosophy and open mind of the D.O. is reflected in the great work done in its vineyards, the diversity it its wines, its magnificent and striking labels, its research and knowhow in planning for the future, and its successful exports, already internationally acclaimed for the quality and dynamism of its products.

With all these virtues, these wines can easily cover the spectrum of needs of any wine list, showcasing the singularity of each of its territories.

Reds: Elegant, profound, fruity, with balanced tannin and good robe. Dominated by Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, with a significant increase in recent years of Syrah and Grenache.

Great diversity in bottles, both single variety and multi-variety combinations, mainly aged in the barrel.

These wines great expressiveness comes from their many nuances. They are generous in aromas, also fruity, mineral, balanced, pleasant and persistent in the mouth, though certainly not lacking potency.

Whites: Complex, generous, expressive and persistent. Of note for the great work done with varieties like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanco, Albariño and Riesling, achieving fruity and satiny wines. Varieties that in recent years have accompanied the defence and resurrection of Macabeo as a grape with sterling value, contributing body, structure, balance and cream to many combinations within the DO.

Other interesting work is being done in the barrel with many of its varieties, creating a range of wines of great chromatic richness, serious, full-bodied, complex and structured, and with body, which improve with time in the bottle.