Rioja Alta

Rioja Alta

History and Culture

The Rioja Alta Wine Route is in La Rioja’s wine-producing area par excellence. It is here that the region’s wine culture was mainly developed and where its most prestigious wines come from. But there are two other elements that contribute to making its scenery incomparable. One is the richness and diversity of its historical and artistic heritage, reflecting La Rioja’s previous role as crossing of ways and frontier land. The other is an environment and landscape characterised by its vineyards but looking towards the Toloño, Cantabria and Demanda mountains, and of course the Ebre River. And to top it all, the hospitality of the towns of La Rioja and their people.


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The Wine

A land of age-old wineries.

Rioja Alta is the region’s wine making area par excellence. The towns along the Route stock every possible type of wine, whether created in the major wineries, some of them over one hundred years old, or in small wine producers that still retain their underground cellars in the winery districts so characteristic of those towns. So young, aged, reserve, claret and white wines start appearing as you tour the area’s wineries and wine shops. Some towns specialise in certain types of wine. San Asensio, for example, is the “birthplace of claret”; you will find prestigious young, aged and reserve wines; and exquisite white wines are produced, some of them barrel-fermented.