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Rueda Wine Route -within Rueda Designation of Origin- is located in the heart of Castilla y León, and it is extended across the left bank of the Duero River.

This route includes mainly part of the province of Valladolid and also a little part of Ávila and Segovia, and currently consists of 13 towns which offer an obvious proof of tourism and historic wealth of this viticulture region par excellence. The particular weather conditions and the orographical characteristics of its “terroir” make this area more than favorable for wine cultivation –specially for the native grape called “Verdejo”-, and give an unique and inimitable personality to all its wines.

Its viticulture origins date from the 11th century, and from then until now, grapevine care and wine producing have provided a culture and a tradition to this area. Both are reflected in all the aspects of its personality, from its people to its artistic manifestations, without forgetting gastronomy, which also plays an important role.

It is an essential travel for those people who want to explore new emotions, always focused on wine and its environment.

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The Wine

Rueda, Verdejo birthplace since 11th century

The landscapes of Castilla y León which are characterized by their green fields and pine woods, become Rueda Wine Route, and give priority to vineyards linked to the Designation of Origin Rueda.

After years working hardly for the care and the protection of the Verdejo grape, the D.O. Rueda was founded in 1980, being the first Designation of Origin of Castilla y León to receive this recognition. Since them, white wines of Rueda have obtained a significant and unique international fame.

Young wines have traditionally been made. These are differentiated by their peculiar greenish yellow color and their fruit, elegant and fresh aroma and flavour. However, in the recent years, some wineries have backed the barrel fermentation, -which provides with premium wines and intense sensations-, and sparkling wines.

Although Verdejo is the native variety, in the D.O. Rueda we can find other varieties of white wines, such as the Sauvignon Blanc, Viura or Palomino Fino and since 2008, varieties which allow producing red and rosé wines.