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In every corner of the Route, there are experiences that you will fall in love with and sensations that you’ll never forget. You will find diverse and enchanting places to visit bound together by a certain familiarity and tranquility at every turn. The Wine Route of Cigales offers charming accommodations surrounded by breathtaking landscapes and a rich cuisine, all while ensuring top-level quality and professionalism.

Throughout history, such relevant figures as the Catholic Monarchs, Felipe II, Napoleon Bonaparte, as well as important Castilian nobles, Trappist and Cistercian clerical orders have traversed our Wine Route leaving behind their influence and contributing to the legacy. With deep cultural roots engrained in the people, wine production has been a time-honored tradition of the Wine Route of Cigales since the tenth century and has retained its importance in our region since the Middle Ages.

Such was the celebrity of our wines, that when the Court of Felipe III was installed in Valladolid (1601-1606), this viticultural product from Cigales was consumed regularly in the capital, further contributing to its popularity at the time.

Around the mid-nineteenth century, after a few centuries of decline, there was a significant extension of the vineyards and production due to the phylloxera vine plague in France. French wine makers bought their grapes from Spanish vine growers, while transcending the advanced French viticultural techniques to them while improving on the existing ones. It wasn’t until the early twentieth century that phylloxera reached Cigales, but by then its presence was merely symbolic as the vine growing techniques already employed reduced any significant effects.

The creation of the D.O. Cigales in 1991 consolidated the region as a wine producing area of ​​high quality, increasing production, marketing and exports. With the arrival of the 21st century,  business began to grow thanks to the implementation of wine tourism.



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The Wine

Land of Rosé, where great reds are also made.

Wine is well represented in all our locations. While D.O. Cigales is recognized as a land of rosé, quality award-winning reds with numerous national and international competitions to their name  are also abundant here. These are primarily made from the Tempranillo variety from old vines planted on very characteristic soils composed of rounded stones. Since 2011 white, sparkling and sweet wines have also been produced, adding to the richness and variety already represented by the rosés and the reds. Also, new varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah are being worked with to accompany the main Tempranillo, Garnacha, Verdejo and Albillo varieties, which have played a big role in the legacy of the historic and renowned rosé.

Cigales has traditionally been a land of rosé; which today are proving to be more modern, aromatic and appetizing, with strawberry hues, inviting you to take a fresh glass, wrap yourself in its fine aromas and appreciate its flavors when pairing with different types of menus. Although these wines have adapted to the market demands of current times, they haven’t forgotten their origins.

The reds have, without a doubt, proven their worth with honors. They are renowned for their elegance and quality, verifiable facts that are largely supported by the age of their old vines and the meticulous care and attention given to them by the local winegrowers up until the moment they are taken to the subterranean press houses.

The whites are made from the main white varieties Verdejo, Albillo Mayor, Viura and Sauvignon Blanc, using a minimum of 50% of the main white variety. Sparkling wines are made primarily from white varieties and the main authorized reds, with a minimum for 50% of the main varieties going into the dry, semi-dry, Brut and Brut Nature categories.