History and Culture

Heritage and History are the essence of this land full of beauty in its noble houses, which date back to the fifteenth century and that you will find in every town you visit.

Its history is the history of the Romans, who settled down the shores of Arlanza leaving their mark. It is also the history of the “Reconquista” which sowed this land with a chain of fortresses and people coming from the north of the Iberican Peninsula, germ of the Castilian kingdom and the essence of the current Castilla.


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The Wine

Discover the taste of this land

The  variety of grape Tempranillo or Tinta del Pais, adapted to the area since ancient times, gives the wines of the Route Arlanza its own personality. Other varieties such  as Grenache grape, Mencía, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Merlot, Albillo or Viura, are also varieties approved by the Control Board DO Arlanza.

The wines that you will find along the route will make you discover the taste of this land. Enjoy drinking the fruit of a vineyard that suffers a climate with great contrasts of temperature and that, as a result, gives thick and tough skin grapes full of aroma and colour.

Strong wines that you can taste alone or as a perfect accompaniment to varied and tasty food grown in this land: peppers from Torquemada, cherries from  Covarrubias, special thanks to their size and exquisite flavour; onions from Palenzuela or the famous cheese from Cerrato.