Toro Wine Route

Toro Wine Route

History and Culture

The Toro Wine Route aims to offer experiences that ‘leave a mark’. It’s the perfect plan for a weekend of rural tourism. Discover an area full of history, heritage, culture and delicious food with an incredible tradition of high-quality wine. The origins of the wines from the Toro region of Zamora predate these ttlement of the Romans. They say the cellars of La Pinta were full of Toro Wine when it set sail for the Indies...


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The Wine

The Tinta de Toro grape, our biggest hallmark

The Toro Designation of Originis a región consisting of 17 municipalities between the southeast of the province of Zamora and the southwest of the province of Valladolid.

It has smooth, undulating terrain with a chalkysurface, which, together with the climate, makes the Tinta de Toro grape our greatest trademark, giving us balanced wines of great quality.


Duero River marks our vineyards, with centuries old and even pre -phylloxeras trains, where we find several varieties for both red and White wines: Tinta de Toro, Malvasía, Verdejo.

Our famous red wines made with the autochthonous Tinta de Toro variety, who seanpelographic characteristics are similar to the Tempranillo or Tinto Fino varieties, but which, thanks to having been in the area for several centuries, identifyit with its own name and personality, different to its fellow grapes.